Takeshi Motomiya


“A prominent feature of Motomiya’s painting is the laboriously-worked texture realised in natural pigment, an ancient technique that dates back to the time of cave paintings. From the preparation of the materials to the knowledge and mastery of texture, he works with great discipline and detailed care. His painting is not simple figurative art, nor is it abstract. His works cannot be classified in any specific style because they are a reflection of his inner world. He sees his painting as his biography. His works are the crystallisation of his innermost thoughts. The source of his thinking is based on the essence of humanity, on the soul of the being.”



Takeshi Motomiya is a multidisciplinary artist from Tokyo currently working and living in Barcelona since 1986. Growing up surrounded by an artistic environment - both of his grandparents being distinguished painters - he graduated in Fine Arts (1982) with a Master’s Degree specializing in engraving techniques (1984) by the Tama Art University of  Tokyo. Although his academic background was focused on engraving, his personal development as an artist has matured above all in the area of painting.


Motomiya has worked with many national and international artists, among which are Antoni Tàpies, Barry Flanagan, Balthus, Miquel Barceló and Perejaume.


His work has been exhibited mainly in art galleries in Tokyo such as the Ueda Gallery, the Galerie 421, the 21+yo, the Okumura Gallery or the Libre. He has shown his work in art galleries across Japan as well; at the Yamaguchi Gallery in Chiba, and at the Ecru-no-mori in Mishima. He has participated in several editions of the Nippon International Contemporary Art Fair, currently known as Tokyo International Art Fair, and exhibited at various editions of the Japan Art Dealers Association.


Outside his native country, Motomiya has exhibited in several European cities such as Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam and Maó (Balearic Islands).


Professionally, in 1989 he founded “Taller NOU” (an engraving studio for professional artists) in Barcelona alongside his associate Joan Roma.


Gallery Updates - Yuichiro Yamaguchi (2020)


When words are not enough - Yuichiro Yamaguchi (2017)


Méditer, Takeshi Motomiya - Martine Monteau (2016)


A studio in Barcelona - Atsuko Nagai (2013)


Blood, sweat, and tears - Setsuko Migishi (1998)


Artist painted by pictures - Makoto Ōoka (1997)